No More Ply

No More Ply is a cement based board which provides the perfect tiling surface, and avoids the risks associated with tiling onto plywood and plasterboard.

6mm No More Ply 

6mm No More Ply is used for overboarding wooden or concrete floors instead of plywood, which is vulnerable to moisture.

  • Provides a movement-free surface – no risk of cracked tiles.
  • Raises levels by only 6mm, instead of using 18mm plywood.
  • 6mm No More Ply can also be used to overboard solid walls.
  • BBA approved & guaranteed for 25 years.

12mm No More Ply

12mm No More Ply are used for boarding vertical studs before tiling, avoiding tiling onto plasterboard which weakens when it gets damp.

  • Quick and easy to fix.
  • Extremely strong – ideal for heavy tiles.
  • Fits flush with any surrounding plasterboard.


A crucial part of the No More Ply system. An extremely strong, waterproof, fast-setting Polyurethane Adhesive, for sticking No More Ply to wooden floors and studs.

No More Ply Screws 

Galvanised, self drilling, self countersinking screws designed for use with No More Ply boards.  25mm screws are used on 6mm No More Ply and 38mm screws are used on 9mm and 12mm No More Ply.

No More Ply Scoring Knife 

Tungsten tipped scoring knife, which allows fitters to ‘score and snap’ No More Ply easily.


A premium latex-based waterproof primer, used to seal the surface of No More Ply and aid the adhesion of tile adhesive.

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